Monday, February 28, 2011

Month of Hearts Day 28

When I talk about my family on this blog it is usually about my kids. I really do have a husband and he is the best! His name is Ed or as we like to call him Steady Eddie. I snapped this picture while he was working from home. I snuck up behind him and snapped it quick. I think I surprised him. Hee hee

We've been married for 15 years. We met while I was waitressing at my dad's bar around Halloween. He came in with someone I knew from high school. At first he seemed to be a bit too shy for my liking. I'm a talker and when I tried to have a conversation with him he answered with short, one word answers. Not good. I later found out that he really liked me and was nervous about talking to me. So cute!

A couple of weeks later he came back in to the restaurant, obviously feeling a bit more relaxed because he was talking up a storm. He was impressing all of us with his extensive Brady Bunch trivia (freakishly knowledgeable). When I got off that night I ran home (I lived in a house behind the bar) and asked my mom if she would stay and watch my kids a little longer because I wanted to go back and hang out with this really funny guy. Of course she said yes.

By Christmas I knew that we would get married. I knew that he was the perfect guy for me. He was so thoughtful, caring, steady, and loving. And he was incredible with my boys. They loved him as much as I did. I knew this was the man I wanted to be the father to my children.

My parents loved him right away. And my grandma was thrilled. My dad loves to tell the story about how calm Ed was during this crazy dinner we had with my Italian family and my screaming kids. He kept looking over at him waiting to see him get tense but nope, he was as cool as a cucumber.

We were married about a year and a half later. It was a beautiful ceremony held outside in June. We released butterflies after we kissed. My boys were in the wedding and they looked so cute in their little tuxedos.

Our life together has been such a gift. We've had our ups and downs but I can honestly say that our relationship is better now than it has ever been. In fact we were just talking about this the other day and we both agreed that our love is so much stronger and deeper these days.

For the last day of Month of Hearts I wanted to share with you the man who has my heart.

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  1. WOW......the most beautiful love story I have ever are truly blessed!