Friday, February 11, 2011

Month of Hearts Day 11

In yesterday's post I started talking to you about my husband and how his love for me gave me another opportunity to explore abundance. In going back into my journal I found another entry that I actually wrote two days prior to the first and I think it is amazing how much it is going along the same lines.

"I miss Ed. It's weird to be here without him...I have to stop living in the "only ifs" and live in the now! I am sitting in gorgeous weather listening to the kids playing in the pool. It's a great day! I've been thinking a lot about abundance and I feel as if it is tied a lot to gratitude. When I am in a place of gratitude for everything in my life I am rich in abundance. When I am wanting more and not connected to what I have I am connected to lack and longing and I am focused on what I don't have...The trick is to continuously bring myself back to gratitude and abundance. But how do I learn to strive for more, to better myself without getting drowned in lack?

Daily Focus on Gratitude"

I see such truth in this. To have a daily focus on gratitude changes everything. I have toyed around with this idea and done it on and off but with my word of the year being abundance and seeing how intimately linked this is to gratitude I can only imagine that starting each day in gratitude would make a huge shift.

Do you have a daily gratitude ritual that works for you? Maybe you would like to start one with me. I will keep you posted on how this evolves for me.

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  1. Michelle, I love your month of hearts idea! And YES, I wholeheartedly agree with you! Appreciating what we have is soooo very important... :)