Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Gift

I have not always been very good at dealing with my emotions. After years of ignoring them and shutting them down sometimes I still have a difficult time even fully recognizing how I am feeling in the moment. 

Process art has become a doorway to allow me to tap in, recognize, and then release bound up emotions. 

On this particular day, I was feeling out of sorts. Emotions were swirling around and I didn't know what to do with them. I decided scribbling was the answer. 

I taped a large poster board to the wall and grabbed two graphite pencils, one for each hand. I approached the paper and simply placed my forehead on the middle of the page and began to scribble with both hands. 

I scribbled and scribbled with varying degrees of fury. I scribbled through tears and I scribbled through fears. Anger raised its head and sorrow lowered it. Every ounce of emotion that I was holding onto traveled through my hands, into those pencils and onto the paper. 

When I felt complete I lifted my head from the wall and stepped back and I was shocked and amazed to see a heart so clearly left where my head had rested. 

When I started I had no intention to paint. I simply wanted to scribble with pencil and now here I was, standing in front of this pencil sketch and I KNEW it needed to be painted. 

As always, I followed my intuitive urge and chose the paint color. I was a little surprised to want white but I honored what I was feeling and let go. 

It wasn't long before the cool colors were calling my name. I played with one of my favorite colors, Prussian Blue and livened it up with sky blue and a cool shade of purple. 

I just kept playing and adding colors. Allowing fun lines to appear. 

Pink is my go to color when I am feeling love. The heart was ready to be painted and what better color to use than pink?

And then it was as if fireworks were going off. Every color was alive and dancing on the page. it had energy and was expressing exactly how I was feeling in the moment...alive and grateful. 

There is typically a point in my creation process where I get lost in the moment and forget to take pictures. This was that point. 

I continued to paint and add what the painting was asking for and in the end I was left with this soft, garden of love. 

When you lose yourself in the process of intuitive creation, you fall in love with your art. It holds a very special place in your heart. You almost feel like a mother loving your creation and this painting evoked these feelings in me,. It was the culmination of a powerful emotional journey that I was fortunate enough to be part of. 

Without going through every phase of this process and allowing myself to fully feel all of the constricting emotions, this painting doesn't have the same power. It is surrendering to the truth of the moment that fuels the process and allows something unique and sacred to emerge. 

What a gift!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Exploring Oil Pastels

Oil pastels have not been my favorite medium in the past. I typically don't like the way they feel on my hands and I don't like the way they smear onto everything they touch so I was not 100% convinced that I was going to enjoy this intuitive art process with them but I decided to go for it anyway. 

I taped a big piece of paper onto the wall and turned on some primal drumming music. I couldn't help but begin scribbling with passion. Whatever color tickled my fancy was used until the urge to get a new color arose. The energy was flowing and I didn't want to stop.

Watching colors combine and take on new shades really got me excited. My hands were covered in oil pastels and I didn't care. I added white and it was as if angels were singing! Perfection!

Initially a tree found it's way onto the page and then it burst into flames. 
What was I creating? What did it all mean? 

I didn't have time to care. I had to keep going. 

When I finished I was charged. I felt like the energy of this piece was surging through me. I was alive and unstoppable. 

Intuitive art that focuses on the process is powerful stuff my friends. It has the power to transform you, uplift you, and heal you. 

It makes you whole!

Art Has Energy

Every time I create something I set an intention for that piece. To me, art is meant to inspire something deep inside, to shift something and heal something. So when I set an intention it is to help me uncover something about myself or the world around me.

I want to feel something!

I want to change something!

I want to learn something!

Having an intention is like having an end game in mind. It's like picking your next vacation spot. Once you set your intention you just sit back and play, knowing that the journey will get you to your destination.  

I create art for myself. I focus on the process and I don't worry about whether someone likes it or doesn't. I am always so grateful when someone gets meaning out of something for themselves and I know that we are all so unique that everyone will see something completely different but that isn't what drives my creative process.  

This is what I teach when I am working with others. 

The amazing thing is when you allow yourself to jump into the creative pool in this way you are stepping into a powerful energetic flow. You allow the energy to express itself through you onto the page. 

Each piece has a "feel" to it. When you look at it you have a recognition of the energy that was accessed to create that piece. 

Even when it's "only a collage" or when it isn't "beautiful art" it has power. It allows you to move your energy, clear out blocks, and gain a deeper perspective about your inner world. 

Art is your own form of energy healing and it is so fun!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Mixing Business and Pleasure

My husband had a business trip to San Diego and asked me if I wanted to tag along.

San Diego?

Of course!

We decided to extend the tip a few days and make a vacation out of it. We fit a lot in and had such a great time.

And then it was time for him to go to work and what's a girl to do with all that free time?

Create of course!

I found an awesome Expressive Art Studio online before I even boarded the plane. I signed up for classes and even arranged to rent the studio for a little one on one time with paints. 

On the first day I arrived a bit early and decided to hang out at Santo's,  the local coffee shop. It was such a cute place and I really got myself in the right frame of mind while relaxing on the patio. 

 And the coffee was delicious!

Then it was time to play! It was such a fun space filled with color and tons of art supplies! I felt like a kid in a candy store!

The first day we played with collage. Working with color, image and texture we created pieces that reflected how we were feeling in the moment. 

Day two began with my private studio time. I taped up a large piece of paper to the wall...oooh the possibilities!

The tempera paints were especially vibrant and I just went to town. What pure joy it was to just play. There are a few little monsters that decided to show up. I welcomed them and let them speak their peace. 

She had a whole room just for sand play. I had never done anything like this before so I decided to spend a little time in there. 

The process was meditative and relaxing. It reminded me of my mosaic days a bit. No pressure though, just playing in the sand. 

I headed across the street for a bit of lunch and reflection time. 

Then it was time for Painting Aerobics. A wonderful bunch of women, paint, paper and some fun music. It was time to let my paintbrush dance. 

It was such a fun experience. No thought, no worries, just dancing around and splashing paint. 

The whole trip was great and my little art retreat was amazing. 

As women we need to refuel ourselves and fill our well. A creative retreat is absolutely perfect because tapping into the creative energy flow shifts you out of the everyday. It brings you to a place of infinite possibility and allows you to play in wonder. 

You don't have to go anywhere to give yourself the gift of a creative retreat. 

You can bring some crayons and paper outside and sit in the sun and color. 

You can play with magazines and cut and paste into a journal. 

You can play in the sand at your local beach and make patterns. 

But, if you're in San Diego or just passing through, you should definitely stop by and visit Tish for a little fun!