Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Art is Powerful

I believe art is powerful! I don’t mean just looking at a piece of art. I mean the process of creating art for just for the sake of the process. When you let go of all the rules and expectations of creating art and tune into the creative flow that is there for everyone you tap into an amazing power like you’ve never known. 

Sometimes I use art just to get my energy flowing, to step into creative flow, to play and have fun. Yesterday I was feeling like I was in a bit of a funk. I felt blah and crabby and I decided to use art to help shift my mood. 

I taped up a sheet of paper onto the wall and turned on an album I have of chakra music. I used the corresponding color as each song played and I just expressed myself in those colors. No rules. No expectations. Just energy on a page. 

When I finished, I felt better. I knew I had tapped into something but yet I still felt like something was missing. I wasn't complete. 

I got out my notebook and started writing. I wrote about how I was feeling and what I wanted and got out some more junky junk and then I set my intention. I was drawn to a dark black oil pastel and I just slowly started making lines and shapes. I had no idea what I was doing, I only did what felt right in the moment.

I knew I had to get out the white paint  so I did. I started playing with blocking out some of those shapes. I added some other colors and kept playing. I found it so interesting how different the energy was at this point than it had been earlier. 

I continued on adding lines, dots and other colors. I love the way the bright chakra colors shine through and move across the page. It seems raw, pure and full of joy.

When the painting itself felt complete I got out my trusty notebook and once again spent some time writing and getting insight about the process, the art and how I was feeling. 

In the past I might never want to share such an "unfinished" piece of art because I was focused on the idea of creating art that had to look a certain way but I now fully embrace Freedom Art™ which is all about throwing away the rules and following your intuition. It is about using art as a tool to get in touch with your inner wisdom, healing your soul and creating a life that makes you shine. 

If you would like to try out Freedom Art™ head over to my website. You can sign up for a free ebook called, Take Back Your Life with Freedom Art™ which will also get you on the mailing list for updates on new classes that are offered in my studio. 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Volunteers Needed

Hello friends,
I am looking for a few volunteers for my upcoming Freedom Art™ 7 Day Gratitude Challenge. Anyone and everyone is welcome to apply. No art experience is necessary. Only simple and basic art supplies are needed (yes, you can even use crayons). You will be guided through a simple Freedom Art™ process to tap into different aspects of gratitude in your life.

The challenge will run June 6th through June 12th and will be done completely on the internet. You will receive an email with links to a video to watch each day. The process should take about 20 minutes each day to complete.

This is for you if you are:

  • open to new experiences
  • curious about Freedom Art™
  • interested in exploring gratitude
  • ready to have fun playing with art materials like a kid 
  • willing to spend 20 min each day of the challenge
  • committed to completing the full challenge
  • willing to write an overview of your experience and allow me to use it on my website
  • willing to fill out a questionnaire when you complete the challenge 

Comment below to let me know you're interested!

Thanks so much.


I want to thank all of you wonderful women for agreeing to take part in this challenge. We have a full group this time but stay tuned for more! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Creative Framing for Process Art

When making process art the idea is not to be concerned with making a finished art piece. The idea is to get lost in the process of making something, to dive into the creative process with wild abandon, choosing colors that are calling you, making lines and shapes that want to be made. 

You can see that this drawing would be difficult to frame. It is uneven and strangely shaped with tears in the paper. 

Not every piece you make is going to be frame worthy and yet there is emotion and energy that was poured into the piece and you want to be able to save it. 

Of course you can crop it down to make it fit into a nice frame while keeping the image intact. 

How about a nice rectangle?

Or a Square

Another easy way to do it is to cut it up and frame parts of it. All you have to do is purchase a mat and move it around while looking for interesting parts that will make impactful art on their own.

I'm digging the beard

 I love how this part of the nose makes such a great abstract

The leaf really makes a statement

You can hang them in a series for maximum impact.

These would look amazing together 

So don't despair if your amazing process art experience leaves you with something you aren't happy with. 

Remember that the goal isn't to 

make "something." 

The goal is to 

"make" something. 

And with a little Creative Framing you can do both! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Heart's Choice

I've been taking part in the #100dayproject on Instagram. I decided to pull an oracle card every day and paint a woman inspired by the card (#100oraclewomen). I was on vacation when the challenge started so it seemed like the best choice. I've been going along, playing with my watercolors and pulling cards and doing small and simple paintings. That is until today.

Today I pulled a card that really spoke to me on a deep level and I tried to express that in the same way I had up until now and it sucked. And  I tried another one and it sucked too. And yet another...I think you get the drift...It sucked. They all sucked and they left me feeling agitated and I wasn't sure what to do so I sat down and read the card again.

 The card I pulled was called The Right Choice. It talked about there not being a "right" or "wrong" choice but only one that is right or wrong for you. How everyone's path is different and learning to tune into the heart's wisdom was the key.

"In your heart you know what holds meaning for you. You may or may not have a grand vision to go along with that meaning as yet, but deep within, you know what is without value and what holds value-for you... Don't hold onto a belief system or vision if it appears to be tossed on it's head. Let things go the way they will and good fortune will prevail for you. That vision might actually have been upside down all this time, and suddenly able to right itself and be born for you if allowed to topple....Trust that if you are being drawn away from a tantalizing sweet shop, there is a more delicious array of confection just around the corner for you."
 Yes, it was beginning to come together for me. I like to draw, to sketch to paint and what not but it isn't the thing that fuels my soul. It isn't my heart's deepest desire. I know this and yet I see all these wonderful artists online and my friends and family tell me I should be an "artist" and sell my stuff so I try to do what "artists" do and it never sticks.

"To base your choices on what others have chosen for themselves may end up killing you. Better to take your risks on the angel of your own heart, wise as that being is, and dance to your own heart rhythm instead."

The truth is that I am an Intuitive Artist. I come alive when I have no preconceived idea what I am going to create.The things I love about intuitive painting are so numerous:

I love:
  • that there is no right or wrong way to do it. 
  • facing a white piece of paper and just allowing my paintbrush to dance over the surface with my favorite color at that moment. 
  • how listening to my intuition leads me to the next color and the next brush stroke and the energy takes me away on a creative journey. 
  • how something can suddenly appear in the lines and shapes and how it amazes me how perfect it always seems to be. 
  • to just play on the page and let colors mix in the most delicious way. 
  • getting lost in the details and then stepping back to see the story emerging. 
  • that there are no mistakes
  • painting for process and not product
  • how much I love each piece I create even when they aren't pretty. There is something so amazing about pouring your heart onto the page that can make me fall in love with even the ugliest piece.  
  • getting messages and wisdom from every piece
  • how sacred the whole thing feels even when I'm dancing around to music and having the best time ever

I decided to do what I do best and trust that it would come together in just the right way for this lesson. Everything I love about intuitive painting came flowing through and I came alive. Listening to my heart and making the choice to embrace my kind of art left me feeling more satisfied than anything I have created in the week prior. It felt right.

What does my story spark in you? What does thinking about your heart's desire bring up for you? Do you know what your deepest heart's desire is? Are you following it?

I'd like to invite you to spend some time digging deep and uncovering your truth. There are so many creative ways to dive in. You can journal, create a collage, or paint. I'd love to hear about your discovery so leave a comment or send me a message.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What Did You Learn This Summer?

I have always loved this time of year. There is something so exciting about going back to school. When I was a kid I loved going to the store to get new supplies and even as a mother I could't wait to take my little guys to stock up on pens, paper and folders. 

Every year when I say goodbye to my boys and send them off for another year, I feel like it is the beginning of my new year too. 

My boys on the first day of school

So many of the women I work with are mothers. They are go-getters. They push and plan and get things done. It's often about this time that they are feeling drained and a bit deflated. The summer flew by and they feel like they didn't get everything done they wanted to accomplish. 

As their coach I tap into what they are feeling and I help them make adjustments. I ask questions...lots and lots of questions...

  • What worked for you this summer?
  • What didn't work?
  • What would you like to spend more time doing?
  • What would you like to spend less time doing?
  • What is one thing you could do different next summer?

And then do you know what I have them do? I have them go into their electronic calendar and go forward to the beginning of summer next year. I have them write themselves a note with all of the important things they learned this year so they will be reminded next year. 

I do this for myself all the time. I have learned to embrace technology and make it my friend. I always think I will remember these great things I learn but I never do so why not use my calendar? It's like having my own personal assistant to help me stay focused on what is important to me. 

So often we forget that our year ebbs and flows. We want to continue doing everything the same way throughout the year and yet it really doesn't work. Our energy shifts and changes and the more we can pay attention to the changes the sooner we can honor ourselves and create a sustainable lifestyle. 

I personally take it easy during the summer. I spend so much time with my family I don't have as much time to blog, create and coach. I used to try to fight it and life felt so stressful. Now I embrace it and I plan for it and let me tell you when those kids go back to school my creative juices are flowing.


I have so much energy to paint and write. I have new ideas flowing and it feels so good. I have learned to work with my lifestyle. 

So what did you learn this summer that will help you next summer?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Gift

I have not always been very good at dealing with my emotions. After years of ignoring them and shutting them down sometimes I still have a difficult time even fully recognizing how I am feeling in the moment. 

Process art has become a doorway to allow me to tap in, recognize, and then release bound up emotions. 

On this particular day, I was feeling out of sorts. Emotions were swirling around and I didn't know what to do with them. I decided scribbling was the answer. 

I taped a large poster board to the wall and grabbed two graphite pencils, one for each hand. I approached the paper and simply placed my forehead on the middle of the page and began to scribble with both hands. 

I scribbled and scribbled with varying degrees of fury. I scribbled through tears and I scribbled through fears. Anger raised its head and sorrow lowered it. Every ounce of emotion that I was holding onto traveled through my hands, into those pencils and onto the paper. 

When I felt complete I lifted my head from the wall and stepped back and I was shocked and amazed to see a heart so clearly left where my head had rested. 

When I started I had no intention to paint. I simply wanted to scribble with pencil and now here I was, standing in front of this pencil sketch and I KNEW it needed to be painted. 

As always, I followed my intuitive urge and chose the paint color. I was a little surprised to want white but I honored what I was feeling and let go. 

It wasn't long before the cool colors were calling my name. I played with one of my favorite colors, Prussian Blue and livened it up with sky blue and a cool shade of purple. 

I just kept playing and adding colors. Allowing fun lines to appear. 

Pink is my go to color when I am feeling love. The heart was ready to be painted and what better color to use than pink?

And then it was as if fireworks were going off. Every color was alive and dancing on the page. it had energy and was expressing exactly how I was feeling in the moment...alive and grateful. 

There is typically a point in my creation process where I get lost in the moment and forget to take pictures. This was that point. 

I continued to paint and add what the painting was asking for and in the end I was left with this soft, garden of love. 

When you lose yourself in the process of intuitive creation, you fall in love with your art. It holds a very special place in your heart. You almost feel like a mother loving your creation and this painting evoked these feelings in me,. It was the culmination of a powerful emotional journey that I was fortunate enough to be part of. 

Without going through every phase of this process and allowing myself to fully feel all of the constricting emotions, this painting doesn't have the same power. It is surrendering to the truth of the moment that fuels the process and allows something unique and sacred to emerge. 

What a gift!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Exploring Oil Pastels

Oil pastels have not been my favorite medium in the past. I typically don't like the way they feel on my hands and I don't like the way they smear onto everything they touch so I was not 100% convinced that I was going to enjoy this intuitive art process with them but I decided to go for it anyway. 

I taped a big piece of paper onto the wall and turned on some primal drumming music. I couldn't help but begin scribbling with passion. Whatever color tickled my fancy was used until the urge to get a new color arose. The energy was flowing and I didn't want to stop.

Watching colors combine and take on new shades really got me excited. My hands were covered in oil pastels and I didn't care. I added white and it was as if angels were singing! Perfection!

Initially a tree found it's way onto the page and then it burst into flames. 
What was I creating? What did it all mean? 

I didn't have time to care. I had to keep going. 

When I finished I was charged. I felt like the energy of this piece was surging through me. I was alive and unstoppable. 

Intuitive art that focuses on the process is powerful stuff my friends. It has the power to transform you, uplift you, and heal you. 

It makes you whole!