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Michelle thank you for helping me to explore those deeper questions, thoughts, emotions in a new way I had never even considered.  Your approach gave me the opportunity to use art, paint, creativity to give new expression to my personal exploration of life.  Adding color, doodles, paint, pictures, spirit to my journey was new, powerful and revealing in ways that I had not ever been able to experience.  I have not only set my expression in motion, but have focused my energies in a way I have always wanted to but just hadn’t been able to get there. 

 I have new energy, found a new creative outlet and am in the process of opening my Etsy store as well.  The last being an amazing outcome that had not even originally been part of the goal or plan.  Thank you for your expertise, your encouragement, your pushing, your support to keep digging and most importantly your steadfastness in standing by me during the process.  I am stilling using my cards, paint and energy to open up a whole new avenue for myself.  I am grateful for you!! 



Pam with her Soul Art®  collage  
This was my first Soul Art experience with Michelle. After choosing all the images and text from magazines, Michelle threw me a curve ball. It wasn't at all what I expected. "Are you kidding?" I said.
She replied with a simple word..."Trust," she said.

After assembling my art I noticed the text was telling me things that I had put on the back burner, things that had been simmering so long that the pot was about to go dry. The text along with the pictures conveyed the same messages, or reinforced the messages. My Soul Art told me I am ready to make a change, go for it, step it up. It told me to venture out more, find inspiration, and don't let the mundane day-to-day living get in my way. Make each day count. . . really count, it said. It wanted me to be aware of all the magic in the universe, the poetry, the beauty, the love and the possibilities. It wanted me to believe in myself and trust.
Wow!. It was pretty amazing. I went from feeling unmotivated and uncertain to "Wow, I can do this!"

How could a simple, fun exercise actually change your way of thinking about something that had you baffled for so long? Could it have changed my brain waves somehow? Strange, but true.

I felt a new sense of empowerment, and bought myself a royal blue evening dress (to go with my red hair) and silver sandals for my upcoming trip to DC. I decided that I'm worth it! I feel different, and I can't wait to see what's down this road. Thanks, Michelle. Soul Art rocks!

Pam Pulice
Reel Stories Productions
Sisters Vickie and Jenny showing off their Soul Art
This process was a great journey for me. There were so many things that were sitting on the edge that were afraid to come out. This process opened feelings up for me and I actually feel as if a weight has been lifted. I feel that looking through the magazines helped me focus on the important things in life. Thank you!

I thought this process was very useful in my life. It really makes you think-at first about what you know are issues about your life and self- but then opens up to other possibilities. It also helps you learn about yourself and how to improve and change.

Christa and her Soul Art
It wasn’t what I expected. I really thought I would be creating something I’d love and hang it on my wall. :o) Instead, I hated what I made, but it did make me think about WHAT I love, and how much I need to get those things back in my life. It was a great reminder of what’s important to me and helped put me back on track of who I want to be.