Saturday, February 26, 2011

Month of Hearts Day 26

This is a mosaic I did years ago when I used to be a mosaic artist. It was dreamed up while listening to our wedding song, At Last by Etta James.

This 3D heart is covered in red mirror. There is a mini cover of a Counting Crows album because one of the songs was the first song Ed and I danced to and always brings back memories.

Here is a close up of the faces. They are made with stained glass and the hair is vitreous glass tiles.

There are loads of little and fun bits and pieces that express my feelings for my husband.

Those stars are made with gold smalti from Italy. It's actual gold sandwiched between two pieces of glass and it is handmade. I even saw the Orsoni furnace when I took a two week mosaic class in Venice.

The words are beads I found at the craft store that I knew I had to put in there.

There are even little pieces of millefiori sprinkled throughout. These are thin canes made of glass with a flower pattern that is revealed when cut.

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