Saturday, May 28, 2016

Volunteers Needed

Hello friends,
I am looking for a few volunteers for my upcoming Freedom Art™ 7 Day Gratitude Challenge. Anyone and everyone is welcome to apply. No art experience is necessary. Only simple and basic art supplies are needed (yes, you can even use crayons). You will be guided through a simple Freedom Art™ process to tap into different aspects of gratitude in your life.

The challenge will run June 6th through June 12th and will be done completely on the internet. You will receive an email with links to a video to watch each day. The process should take about 20 minutes each day to complete.

This is for you if you are:

  • open to new experiences
  • curious about Freedom Art™
  • interested in exploring gratitude
  • ready to have fun playing with art materials like a kid 
  • willing to spend 20 min each day of the challenge
  • committed to completing the full challenge
  • willing to write an overview of your experience and allow me to use it on my website
  • willing to fill out a questionnaire when you complete the challenge 

Comment below to let me know you're interested!

Thanks so much.


I want to thank all of you wonderful women for agreeing to take part in this challenge. We have a full group this time but stay tuned for more! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Creative Framing for Process Art

When making process art the idea is not to be concerned with making a finished art piece. The idea is to get lost in the process of making something, to dive into the creative process with wild abandon, choosing colors that are calling you, making lines and shapes that want to be made. 

You can see that this drawing would be difficult to frame. It is uneven and strangely shaped with tears in the paper. 

Not every piece you make is going to be frame worthy and yet there is emotion and energy that was poured into the piece and you want to be able to save it. 

Of course you can crop it down to make it fit into a nice frame while keeping the image intact. 

How about a nice rectangle?

Or a Square

Another easy way to do it is to cut it up and frame parts of it. All you have to do is purchase a mat and move it around while looking for interesting parts that will make impactful art on their own.

I'm digging the beard

 I love how this part of the nose makes such a great abstract

The leaf really makes a statement

You can hang them in a series for maximum impact.

These would look amazing together 

So don't despair if your amazing process art experience leaves you with something you aren't happy with. 

Remember that the goal isn't to 

make "something." 

The goal is to 

"make" something. 

And with a little Creative Framing you can do both!