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I work one on one with women to open them up to their own creative process. I guide them to tap into their creative flow, let loose and fully express themselves. They learn to turn their ear inward and hear what their soul wants and needs. 

  • Some women need a safe place to play and embrace their inner child. 
  • Some women need to connect with their emotions and allow them to be expressed safely. 
  • Some women just need to immerse themselves in loving self care. 

Creative Healing Art is fluid and changing. It requires you to be an active participant and to listen carefully to what is needed in the moment. I treat my job as a facilitator and guide as a form of art. I listen and create a program that is individualized to allow for the greatest growth of each individual. 

All forms of creativity are encouraged and welcomed. Collage, scribbling, drawing, painting, and journaling are incorporated to create the a unique experience. All work can be done over Skype so location is never an issue. 

To schedule a free introductory consultation to spend 50 minutes to discuss your unique situation and how I can help you reach your personal goals click below. 

Click here to schedule an appointment

If you have any questions or comments or just want to say "hi" I would love to hear from you. Drop me an email at Michelle(at)theCreativeHealingStudio(dot)com 

Coming Soon

Group classes will be available as soon as my studio space is completed. Please stay tuned for details. 

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