Sunday, February 13, 2011

Month of Hearts Day 13

This is my last heart post from my trip to Florida and I am dedicating it to all you moms out there for your undying love for your children. These boys are my heart.

This is my baby boy Aidan showing off his sand castle.

This is my little Devin showing off his new braces.
And this is Little Liam bringing me shells to create my Sanibel Sea Shell Heart

Now you know I have 2 other boys who are not represented in these pictures only because they didn't travel with us. These big 6 foot men are equally lodged into my heart. In fact, I had the most lovely time having lunch with Cody, my 17 year old today. He actually talked to me and told me stories and we laughed and it was splendid. And watching my oldest working, going to school, treating his girlfriend with respect, and creating a life for himself brings me the greatest joy I can imagine.

So today I am sharing my daily gratitude focus with you so that you may open your heart even the tiniest bit wider. I am off to shower my boys with hugs and kisses!

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