Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Fingerprint

Fingers covered in cool, fluid paint.
Each stroke has something to say.
Soft, gentle caresses,
Forceful jabs at the surface.
Timid movements,
Bold, sweeping gestures.

Gazing at each layer.
Asking for guidance.
What are you trying to say?
What do you want to express?
How can I give you what you need?

Understanding from the depths of my soul.
Seeing the truth emerge.
Giving voice to what was once a faint whisper.
Breathing life into buried thoughts.
Creating what was previously only a dream.

Feeling the connection.
Knowing its bigger than just me.
There's an energy,
A force,
A creative flow that carries me away,
Bringing me closer to myself.
Closer to my source.

I leave my fingerprint in the paint,
As a record of my existence.
As a signature from my physical form.
It is the key that unlocks the mystery. 
It is the code that reminds me what is real.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Join Me on My Painting Journey

 I've been on a painting journey and I wanted to bring you along for the ride. 

 The beginning stages of a painting for me are so fun. It is freeing to splash the paint around and play.

 Adding darkness and shapes.

 Being drawn to more color is always exciting. 

I've been loving all things turquoise lately so it is no surprise it showed up. 

 The energy is rising. 

 Typically for me there is a point in every painting where I absolutely hate it. This is the beginning of this stage here. 

 I brought in some pinks and it feels better. 

 Playing with the darkness on the left. 

 There was a need for softness. My soul was calling out for softness and light.

 Frustration has come over me and I know I need to paint through it. I don't want to but I know I have to. 

 These horrible faces appear and I didn't even want to give them mouths but I knew they had something to say. 

 They had so many lessons to teach me. I am so grateful I gave them mouths. :o) I was called to transform them.

This is the final piece. It feels so good to me because of the journey it took me on and the healing I experienced on that journey. 

It doesn't hurt that I was able to paint out in my screen room, overlooking the green grass and listening to the birds chirp. 

Or that I was kept company by my sweet little puppy Elly. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It's a New Day!

It's always amazing to me how art has the power to revitalize me, teach me and reveal the patterns I live in every aspect of my life. My most recent journey into paint is no exception. In fact, the experience of painting this mandala shone even more light on myself than ever before.

Of course I started with an intention on what I wanted to learn from this experience. I wrote it in my journal and started painting away. Oh the ups and downs I experienced were amazing. Frustration, chaos, boredom, anger, hatred and power are only a snippet of the emotions that flowed through me and through my brush. Each step forward was met with new emotions. There were moments I wanted to give up, to chuck the whole thing in the garbage and I painted those feeling out and finally I reached a point of surrender.

Once I was able to surrender everything flowed. Every stroke I made was pure joy. Watching the colors blend and the shapes form made my heart skip a beat. Playing with the color, manipulating the negative space, and adding the tiny details were pure bliss.

When I finished I KNEW I was finished. It felt right. It felt perfect and not the kind of perfect that stifles and holds one up to impossible expectations, it was a perfect expression of where I am and what I'm experiencing.

Of course I had to dive in deeper with a barrage of questions so I would find the messages this painting had for me. It all made complete sense for me and I was beaming with my new found knowledge.

And then I got to a question that asked me to reflect on my original intention for the piece. Don't you know that I completely forgot about the intention I set the week prior. I flipped back in my journal and found what I wrote. I did a double take...is this really what I wrote? I had to read it twice. Oh my! A lightbulb went off and it all came together in the most amazing way...like MAGIC!

Part of me wishes I had taken pictures of all the layers this mandala went through (there are at least 15 layers below), but a bigger part of me is tickled pink to have my own secret journey buried beneath the layer just for me.