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Welcome! I am so honored to have you visit me here in my online creative home. 

The Creative Healing Studio was born out of my own desire to combine the many different healing modalities that I have learned throughout my lifetime with my true love; art. I have found that creativity is a powerful portal to allow you to gain access to your soul. Having that connection with your soul shows you your unique path to healing.

The Creative Healing Studio mission is:

Inspiring women to embrace their creativity

Guiding them to find their own creative path to healing

Supporting them as they take their creative healing journey

My Journey to Creative Freedom

I was raised in a home where being tough and strong was revered.  My parents pushed forward, working and striving for success and there was no time for weakness or crying. I was an only child and looking back I can see that I was sensitive and emotional so being in that type of environment led to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

As I grew, I learned how to have a strong outer shell. In fact, I would say that I became so adept at it that I probably overcompensated. I was tough, in control and no one could mess with me. I can see now that I learned to detach myself from my emotions so I could function in my environment.

I married, had children, divorced and married again and had more children and all the while I was pushing and keeping myself together. There was a distant echo of parts of myself that were lost but I had protected myself from those emotions for so long I couldn't really hear the call.

That all ended one day when I was 35. I was enjoying a beautiful summer day with my family and suddenly something didn't feel right in my body. Within hours I was rushed to the emergency room where I spent three days undergoing extensive testing only to be released without any real answers.

That day was my rebirth. It began the second stage of my life; my awakening. My inner being could no longer be suppressed and I had to meet myself again and learn how to be my authentic self.

I dove into self-help, alternative healing, emotional release and nutrition. Tearing down my protective shell uncovered my deepest longing and passion which had always been art. It awakened my creative energy and I began playing with juicy art supplies.

As I embraced the fluidity of paint I was also faced with the hard reality of my self-imposed limitations as an artist. I was riddled with self-doubt and often found myself stuck in the creative process because I couldn't create the visions in my mind or my work didn't compare to the amazing artists I found all over the internet.

One day I was overwhelmed with the creative urge to paint. I set up a large canvas in my screen room and just started painting. I was free and the paint flowed and everything felt divine and then suddenly...it didn't. 

Something started to emerge from my depths. I felt a familiar twinge...I couldn't quite get a hold on what it was so I pulled out my journal and started writing. Out flowed the heaviness of overwhelm and self-doubt. I couldn't do this! I sucked at painting! Everything I did looked like shit! Words tumbled out onto my journal and tears fell.

I stood up and painted that feeling. I put that deep, dark emotion onto my canvas and as my paintbrush moved, the emotion started to shift and change and before I knew it I had moved into yet another emotion. 

This time it was anger and I was enraged at myself and my life and every single thing that had ever happened to bring me to this point and I didn't know how to deal with it so I sat down with my journal and poured out miles of anger onto the page and I knew I had to find a way to express that rage onto my canvas.

Once again I stood and looked at my painting and I was so afraid of ruining what I had done but the fear of keeping this rage inside was stronger so I started painting and ugliness emerged...and it freaked me out and I decided, screw it...I would make it uglier and that is exactly what I did. I let that feeling flow through my body out onto that canvas and as I did, I felt that familiar shift. The anger started to dissipate and I suddenly felt a softness begin to bubble up. It started gradually and began to grow. I felt like I had been washed clean and was left with a feeling of peace.

I went back to my journal and asked questions and expressed what was there for me in that moment and I went back to my painting and knew I had to bring what I was feeling into it. I mixed a soft pink and began to gently kiss the surface of my canvas with my brush. As I added the softness and gentleness, the feelings grew and grew into a deep and profound love. As that love was expressed, every stroke I placed felt divine. It didn't matter what I was painting or what it looked like because what flowed through me was infinite love and that is all that mattered. All was right in my world.

That day was my second awakening. It was the day I realized that the emotional freedom I longed for was available to me in the thing I loved most...art. Everything I had learned before showed itself to me in the creative process. I had all the tools I needed to set myself free. This was freedom painting.

About Michelle
I am a Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I received my training from the  Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Here I studied with some of the leading authorities in nutrition and wellness like Dr. Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, Dr. John Douillard, Geneen Roth and Julia Cameron to name a few.

I am also an Emotional Release Practitioner specializing in assisting clients get to the root of a core issue and clearing it out at the cellular level. I have studied hypnosis, living foods, Reiki, meditation and spirituality to round out my education.

As a Health and Wellness Coach I was feeling that something was missing. I had an aha moment one evening at a networking event when an artist introduced herself to me. I was shocked when the words, “That’s what I should have been.” came pouring out of my mouth. That was the missing piece. 

I am an artist at heart. Ever since I could remember I was drawing, designing, and surrounding myself with color. Somewhere along the line I had decided that being an artist was impractical and I probably wasn’t good enough anyway and I shut down that part of my life. That night at the networking event changed everything for me. 

I began getting back in touch with my right brain again. I was journaling, painting, drawing, and photographing. I was alive again. I began to see that through my art I was taken deep into my soul and confronting limiting beliefs I had been holding onto. I began to study intuitive painting and I realized my work in Emotional Release fit together perfectly with creative work. It was a full circle moment. 

I continue to learn and experiment and have recently become a Certified Soul Art® Guide. By combining creativity and health coaching I began Creative Healing Coaching and I’m thrilled to be able to support women in creating optimum health in all areas of their lives. 

On a personal note, I am a wife and a mother to 5 beautiful boys ages 12 to 22. I live in the suburbs of Chicago and can often be found at a baseball game, soccer game, basketball game, or wrestling meet. We are a fun household filled with children and friends not to mention our cute little dog Elly.

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