Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Painting Like a Five Year Old

What a day I had! I've been sick. A retched cold that is kicking my ass! I decided that I wasn't going to paint. I was just too tired to stand there and move my arm.

But then, I got some disappointing news. There was this thing I had my heart set on doing and I thought it was perfect and was definitely going to happen and then I found out that, nope, not going to happen! I was so upset I cried and cried. I was sad but I was also really angry.

I went upstairs and decided I was going to paint. I figured it was a good time to paint like a 5 year old since I was having a little temper tantrum like one. I put only chose 3 colors, white, black, and red and I started slapping paint on.

It's not pretty but it definitely expresses how I felt. I ended up adding a bit of yellow in the end. I will say that I felt a sense of release after furiously painting this girl but one of the things I do with my work in emotional release is to flip the energy so I decided to paint another little girl that could do anything and was joyous.

This one took me longer and I relished every moment I spent painting it. It seemed that I was channeling the little girl in me that knew she was amazing and was just happy to be happy. I even gave her a red glitter dress because of course she should have some glitter, no, she DESERVED some glitter. The colors were bright and cheery and the whole thing was, well, just yummy!

When I finished this painting I felt clear, calm, strong, empowered, and just darn perfect! What an amazing experience this was for me. It was like therapy on a paintbrush.

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