Thursday, September 2, 2010

More fun with Soul Collage Cards

After having so much fun making my first two SoulCollage cards I decided to get a little organized so I could whip them up whenever I am in the mood.

I went through some magazines and ripped out pages that speak to me either for the background or the objects. I got this nice stationary box that the pages fit into perfectly and I put them all in the box with my rubber cement (which works soooo good for this), scissors, and the window I made to help me view the finished card. Everything is in one place, ready to go.

Money is Fun

I am the one who loves money and knows that it is energy, positive energy that is meant to flow. I know that it is OK to have money and I am happy.

This card wants me to allow my inner child to have peace with money. It wants me to allow money to flow to me and through me. It wants me to live a full life of joy and happiness and to know that money can be a part of it.

The energy this card gives me is excitement and fun and living life full on.

Cherishing Love

I am the one who honors love, who cradles it, cherishes it and helps it bloom. I am the one opens her heart to the joy of love and allows that love to flow outward.

This card wants me to appreciate the relationships I have and to take care of them softly and beautifully. It wants me to tend to my great loves and to make them feel special and make sure they know they are loved.

The energy this card gives me is love, softness, gratitude, and connection.

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