Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Exploring My Soul

While browsing the Internet and spending way too much time online I found Soulcollage. It seemed so interesting and last night I decided to give it a try.

The idea is that you flip through magazines and pull out images that speak to you and then you combine them to make up a card. Then you sit with the card and let it speak to you and answer some questions about it.

I like how it combines the visual with my intuition and my inner soul. There is so much more to the actual Soulcollage process where you make a deck with different suits and you can do a reading. I don't know about all of that just yet but I did have fun making my cards. There is a good tutorial here if you want to check it out.

The card above is my Sexy Kitty Card.

She is the one who is flirty, sexy and likes to have fun. She is alive with color and enjoys her sensuality and sexuality. She is beautiful.

This cards wants me to embrace my sexuality, my feminine qualities and to relish in the fun and freedom of being sexy.

The energy this card gives me is flirty sexy, sensuous, and living life in full color.

This card is my Worthy of the Best card

She is the one who enjoys the good things in life, knows how to receive goodness and is worthy of the best.

This card wants me to own my own worth, to take care of myself and pamper myself and to surround myself with the best thing the world has to offer.

The energy this card gives me is confidence and self worth, knowing I deserve!

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