Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kiddie Art

Since I've been spending so much of my time with my kids this week and haven't gotten much time for my own art I thought I would share a few pieces that my children created in art class.

Their school puts all of their art on this website called Artsonia so they can be shared with friends and family. You can even buy things like mugs, mousepads, and magnets with the artwork on them. It's really great.

The first picture was created by my 8 year old, Aidan. It is a sea monster.

This one is also a sea monster scene and was created by my 10 year old, Liam.

And finally here is a haunted house by Aidan. Perfect for the recent Holiday.

I just love children's art. It is so colorful, simple, and free. There is an essence that we tend to lose as we become adults. They aren't as controlled by the negative voices in their head. They just play and have fun and put it on the paper and you can sense it. And it works! I love it!

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