Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day Two of My Green Goddess

I am still plugging away with this painting. Only had about 1 hour to work on it today but it is moving along. I am wondering if I will have enough room to paint this as big as it looks like it is going to end up. I may run out of wall space.

Yesterday when my husband saw just the face he asked me what was going on with me and was I OK? My 13 year old said it was scary. I can't imagine what they are going to think about it now that it has a naked body attached to it.

The problem is that it is hanging in my bedroom. I can't exactly hide it but I have a feeling I might need to. Hmmm, I have a folding screen out in my 3 season room. Maybe I will move that in there and set it up in front of it. That way no one will be able to look at it unless they really want to. Ha, they will probably be more drawn to it with the screen in front of it. Oh well what's a mom to do?

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  1. Love it!! It's so nice and big and powerful!! You made me laugh with your comments about your family. Thanks for visiting my blog today!! :-) Silke