Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Love Fest

Today I decided to dig a little deeper into my painting that I created last week. It was a painting of one of the most beautiful memories I have. I was in Colorado with my son Cody. He was rock climbing way up high and I was sitting down on the warm rocks watching him.

The sun was shining and it felt so good. The rocks were warm and the breeze was cool. It was a perfect day. As I sat there watching him it was as if time stood still and the sky opened up and a ray of positive energy filled my entire body. I was immediately brought to tears of joy and gratitude. It was so powerful and lasted just a moment. So beautiful.

Today's painting was all about exploring that moment and that bond I have with my son. I didn't know what I was going to paint so I just started smearing paint on the canvas when it became clear that I needed to draw my son and me. I wrapped him up in my hair like a little cocoon of love. I added clouds (or waves, whichever they look more like to you) and some fun hearts.

I am so happy with this painting but more importantly I am so happy with the process of painting it. I spent the afternoon basking in love and joy, and happiness. Thinking about all the things I love about my son and my entire family. What a gift today has been.

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