Friday, January 2, 2015

Intention Stones

I have never been good at making resolutions. Like most people I pick something that sounds really good and do it for about a week and then move on. I do believe that is how most health clubs stay in business. ;o)

But a few years ago I heard about the Word of the Year concept and I was intrigued. I liked the idea of one word flavoring my entire year so I decided to give it a try. Let me tell you, it was life changing! I was really surprised that the word stuck with me all the way to the end of the year and even more surprised about the things I learned about myself and the world around me through the lens of that word. It changed everything for me.

Last year I didn't pick a word of the year. I was disenfranchised and lost and couldn't even muster up the strength to care about it so I let it go. I can't say I had a bad year or that I didn't learn anything about myself because of course I did but there was something missing.

  • I missed having a touchstone that could remind me what I wanted and keep me moving in that direction.
  • I missed having the lens of my word to view the world through to help me see with clarity.
  • I missed the a-ha moments when I was able to understand my life in a deeper way.
  • I missed the excitement of synchronicity when events seemed to line up to bring me closer to an understanding of my word.
  • I missed having a word of the year!

So I have decided to bring it back into my life for 2015.

It's not always easy choosing a word and this year it took me quite a while to figure out what I wanted. My awesome friend Carrie Saba has a workbook that really is amazing to help you zero in on how you want to feel and how to choose a word that aligns with your desires. I worked through it and was really close.

I whipped out my trusty thesaurus and lo and behold my word popped out at me. I knew it was right. It was like a bolt of electricity ran through me and lit me up.


My word of the year for 2015 is

And let me tell you why. The definition of the word encompasses everything I am looking for and the synonyms give even more depth and clarity.

Def: a successful, flourishing, and thriving condition especially in financial respects. Good fortune.

syn: bed of roses, abundance, expansion, fortune, growth, success, the good life, well being, accomplishment, arrival, easy, plenty, thriving.

It makes my heart skip a beat!

When I was thinking about the Word of the Year and what I missed about it, "touchstone" popped into my mind and I knew instantly that I wanted to create an intention stone to carry with me and inspire me throughout the year.

Of course I had to crochet a little pouch to tuck it away safely.

It's my little personal talisman that combines so much of what  who I am...mandalas, intention and crochet...all rolled into one cute little package.

I got so excited that I knew I wanted to share with all of you and send you a personalized stone with your Word of the Year on it.

As you can see I have quite a few stones ready to be personalized. Each one is unique. Some are big and some are smaller and I will intuitively choose the stone that fits you and your intention. They stones are sealed so you can rub them all year long. Each stone also comes with it's own little crochet pouch made of an earthy wool blend yarn.

I am so excited to pour my energy into making
you the perfect stone for 2015. 

The cost is $20 per stone which includes shipping (in the continental US). For shipping outside the US, additional shipping will be required.

Email me to reserve your stone today!



  1. Keep up the great and beautiful work dear Michelle. Loving this.
    Tons of love and much prosperity your way.

  2. Thank you so much Ina! You are so kind! xoxo