Monday, January 5, 2015

Gram Inspired Off the Hook

When I was a little girl my grandma was my absolute favorite adult. She was Australian and lived 6 months Down Under and 6 months with us. Every year I couldn't wait for her to arrive after such a long absence. We would all drive to the airport, park the car and take the long walk through O’Hare Airport. I always knew we were getting close when I saw the enormous hanging globe that was suspended from the ceiling. It was such an exciting trip.

Back then we were allowed all the way up to the gate to wait for arrivals. There were no security lines or barriers. We just walked right up to the gate and waited. I remember feeling like I might jump out of my skin when people started to file out of the plane.

My grandma always made a statement when she walked off the plane. She was dressed to the T’s and walked with confidence and a little strut. I can still see her clearly walking toward me with her fashionable gray jumpsuit, fuchsia scarf, bag and pumps. She was put together.

It was always so joyous when she arrived and I knew that the next 6 months I would have someone to play with and to take care of me. We played cards endlessly. She loved her Canasta and taught me how to juggle the enormous handful of cards. I was never alone when she was visiting and I loved that.

One year I remember she tried to teach me how to knit. I was a willing student and sat for hours with my needles. I can still hear her voice with her Australian accent,  “knit one, purl two.” I remember feeling a bit frustrated trying to knit and it wasn't long before I retired my needles and went on to new things. 

Last year my grandma passed away. She was 92 years old. She wasn't sick but she was tired and decided she was ready to go. She refused to eat and about a week later she left us. I was thrown for a loop. I was not prepared to lose her. I hadn't said all I needed to say and I felt this deep hole in my life.

I painted it out and I journaled it out and I cried and I spoke to her and I did all the things I could do to heal. And then one day I decided I wanted to knit something. Knitting reminded me of her and I thought it would be a nice connection to her spirit.

wasn't really prepared to knit with actual needles so I went out and bought myself a knitting loom and made a scarf. It was cute but it needed something more so I started researching how I could put a nice little scallop edge on it and I didn't even realize I was teaching myself how to crochet.

There is something magical about crocheting. It is soothing and meditative and pretty darn addicting. Pretty soon I had yarn and crocheted items everywhere. I made blankets, scarves, fingerless gloves, hats, and baby blankets that I have no idea who I am giving them to. And every stitch of those items connected me back to my Gram.

In my quest to live my passion and share it with you here on The Creative Healing Studio I have to honor my love of crocheting and honor my beloved Gram.

I am excited to offer a new series titled Off the Hook where I will share with you all things crochet!  So excited!


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