Monday, March 19, 2012

This is one of my small canvases I started playing with when I was frozen with fear in my Flora Bowley class. I started the same way by spreading paint all over the canvas, scratching into it, dripping, playing and having fun. The very last thing I did was scratch the word home into a bit of paint.

When I came back to it days later I saw the word and knew I had to make a house. I started sketching it out and added a fun little tree. It reminds me of my childhood drawings. I have absolutely no idea where this is headed but I am having fun with it.

It's so funny to me how many different styles have been emerging from this class. I am all over the place. I have struggled with the fact that I am all over the place with my art but I guess I'm just going with the flow and just letting whatever wants to come out emerge. I'm not fighting it!

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  1. Michelle, I didn't realise you were on Flora's course - so was I! It was amazing, and I love your little house :)