Monday, March 26, 2012

Insidious Stress Pt. 1

Ok, so I've had  bit of stress going on in my life lately. I used to be a complete stress addict and always felt like I was rushing around on high speed. It was so bad that I ended up with adrenal fatigue and had to make some changes in my life.

As a Holistic Health Coach I have worked with many women and mothers who need help dealing with stress and as I sat down at Panera the other day for a little stress break I started thinking about all the great advice I've given out and the advice I follow in my old life and thought I would share it with you.

We've all heard the reports on how stress is bad for our health. It raises cortisol, can contribute to high blood pressure, can lead to adrenal fatigue, etc. But there is another side effect to stress that I want to talk about today and that is how being under stress effects our behavior. When we are stressed out we suddenly begin making choices that we wouldn't normally make.

Food Choices- When we are stressed and under time constraints we typically don't have the time or the desire to prepare healthful meals that feed our bodies. We will just grab whatever is available and that tends to be processed food loaded with sugar, chemicals, and caffeine. These choices only add to the stress on our bodies.

Relationship Choices- Under stress we either don't have the time or energy to spend the quality time with our loved ones. This might mean brushing off our children or collapsing in the bed at the end of the night unable to be intimate with our partners.

Choosing our Words- When stressed out it is so easy to find ourselves snapping at the people we care about or even to the girl checking us out at the grocery store. Our filter can become defective and we could find ourselves saying things we wouldn't normally say.

Not Choosing Self Care- When time is tight and things have to be done yesterday self care can often be the first thing to throw out the window. We don't have time to take a walk. We're just too tired for that bath. Book? Are you kidding? As women we are really good at putting everyone and everything before our needs.

Can you relate to any of this? I know I sure can! I've been there and done that many times. I have to say that I get better and better at dealing with it every day and tomorrow I'm going to share my top tips for dealing with stress.

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