Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Looking Back

My son Liam with his new Basketball Coach
 Do you guys remember back in July when I wrote a post about my Soul Art process and how I used it to deal with an issue I was having with my son's sports coach? If you don't remember, you can check it out here.

While the issue I was having really spanned across all my children it was particularly difficult with my son Liam. He had a coach who coached him on baseball and basketball. I watched as my son faltered under this man. Let me tell you, this kid was confident. One of my girlfriends told me he said, "Whoever shows up to practice next is really lucky because he gets to play with me." It was sincere. He believed in himself and he wasn't afraid to show it.

Over the years this coach began to chip away at my son's confidence. It was gradual at first but began to snowball. I tried talking with the coach, talking with my son and encouraging him but nothing seemed to work.

Last year it all came to a head and everything changed. We got a new coach and said goodbye to the old one. We have tried new teams for him and each and every step we've made has been better and better.

We recently put him on a team with a coach that I cannot tell you how much we love. He is so kind and he is taking an interest in Liam. He is teaching him and supporting him. And let me tell you, he knows his stuff. He played basketball and football at Ball State and went on to play in the NFL for 7 years. He can get excited and he can yell but it isn't  done in a way that demeans.

I'm watching my son's confidence slowly begin to come back. He is beginning to take more shots and take more risks because he knows he won't be punished for his mistakes. He is excited to go to practice and thrilled for games. He even sprayed the logo on his head for crazy hair day.

And I'm sure you know that it isn't about the success he has at sports. It's more about the growth he is having in life. Learning to believe in himself and knowing what it is like when he is supported by an adult other than his parents.

So what does this all have to do with art? It occurred to me the other day that over the last year things have changed. I healed and came face to face with issues I was having through my Soul Art process and everything seemed to fall into place without me even realizing it. I am amazed and grateful to be able to look back and see the progress that has been made.

Art Heals!

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