Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Brave Intuitive You

I am currently taking Flora Bowley's online class called Brave Intuitive You. I got it as a Christmas gift from my family. I guess it's their way of keeping me from galloping around the country taking classes ;o)

Step one of painting one

I find it so interesting how similar her techniques are to Jesse Reno (if you want to read about my workshop with him last year you can check it out here). I've heard people say that she is a female version of Jesse. I'm not sure I would word it just like that but I think there is something to be said for the comparison.

Step two of painting one

I can tell that Flora has given a lot of thought and detail to the process of teaching so that she is able to guide us in a process that can be hard to articulate.

Step three of painting one

There are also some interesting interviews that help us get to know her better and to get a little more in depth.

Step two of painting two

Of course we are in the very beginning stages of the process so there is a lot of trust involved and letting go of expectations.

Step 3 of painting 3

I am having the most fun playing on the canvas and just moving the paint around. I'm dancing up a storm and dancing on my canvas. Typically I step back and let out a gasp at the chaos I am creating and then I let it go and go back to trusting and playing.

I really love the bits and pieces of the overall canvas that make me say ooooh and aaaahhh.


It's really all just an experiment. Experimenting with the paint, the tools and experimenting with letting go.

Because these paintings are experiments I've decided that I'm not going to worry about how they turn out. I'm not expecting a masterpiece but I'm also not expecting a train wreck either.

I just think that when I let go of the pressure of "creating art" it is easier to get into that flow.

Of course when I can get into that flow, things emerge and the process is that much easier and successful.

There are times when I notice my negative voices pop up and I tell them  "Shut up and sit down! I'm busy painting right now."

There are plenty more steps to go and I can't even imagine how these are going to turn out which I think is totally cool!

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  1. Gorgeous colors and strokes, Michelle. You are in your element. So glad to hear you're letting go of expectations and being more gentle with yourself. Love it so far!