Friday, March 4, 2011

An Artful Journey Continued

We could all learn a thing or two about living from Jesse Reno. He is living his dream life, living his purpose. He said that it's more than just painting to him. He needs to have a purpose in his work. To make it personal and to learn a lesson in each painting.

His main inspiration for becoming a successful artist was his intense dislike of work. He got his first job and told his mom how much he hated it. She told him to get used to it because that was life. He decided there was no way he was going to work for the rest of his life so he was going to figure out a different way.

He said that he is always trying to get back to the kid he once was. The kid who was fascinated with all things tribal, who loved to draw, and wanted to sell his drawings for a buck. He said, "The answer to all the questions is, 'What did you like when you were seven?'"

What a concept! Now he wakes up when he wants (not early at all), paints, and enjoys his life. He's is traveling around the world teaching and showing his art in galleries. I guess that seven year old kid knew something. He said, "When you do whatever you want you cure the crazy."

He kept encouraging us to take risks with our paintings. Not to be afraid. He said, "If you can't take a risk on a piece of paper, how are you going to do it in your life?" Wise words from my tattooed friend.

On day three I had this epiphany while I watched him paint. It was so strong it was like a slap in the face. I went up to him and said, "Jesse, I just got it. I know what you do. You are practicing non-attachment painting. You're like a Buddhist painter!"

"Right on dude!" he said. "I totally forgot to tell you but it's true. I once watched these Buddhist monks create a sand mandala. They worked on it all day and then swept it away and I thought, if they can do that I can paint over my painting."

This was a great lesson for painting but to be honest I was beginning to feel like him, it's more than just the painting. What a great lesson for life!

Jesse had all these great stories about how living his passion and trusting created these incredible synchronicities. He likes to call himself a magic man and he likes to sprinkle his magic dust. It seems the Universe is bringing just what he needs to continue to live the life of his dreams.

But don't think he is all magic and no work. The cool thing about him is that he does what he needs to do. He talked about just putting one foot in front of the other. When his friends told him they thought he should start showing his paintings he didn't just sit around and think about it. He went out and made it happen.

When he was rejected he kept going. He knows that not everyone is going to love what he does and he knows that there are plenty of people who will so he focuses on that. He is a creative businessman too. He comes up with new ways to do things to save money and to market himself.

While I am impressed with the way he paints I am equally impressed with the way he lives his life. I feel like I had a lesson in Life Painting. Thanks Jesse!

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  1. Michelle! He sounds like an amazing person! Wow! I love the abundance you are drawing to yourself! woohoo! xoxox