Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trying a New Style

Browsing the Internet looking for inspiration is such fun and when I found Teesha Moore I was intrigued with the bright colors and the graphic look of her work. I watched some of her videos and thought I would give it a try for myself.

This piece is all about food. I cut out pictures of all the foods I once loved and can no longer eat due to allergies and pasted them around the edge. I created a cupcake out of magazine and put some mouths on the page and then had fun doodling.

I really loved the look of it until I started writing on the left page. What a hot mess! Oh well, it meant a lot to me to explore my relationship with food and taking care of my body and despite the messy test on the left, it looks pretty good. Not sure I want to copy her style so closely but it was a fun experiment.

The title 86 comes from my background in the restaurant business. Whenever we would run out of a product we would 86 it. No more fresh fish...86 the fish. We're out of the special...86 the special. I don't actually know why we used that term...I was just a kid but I figured since I am not eating these foods anymore they are 86'd for me.

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