Monday, July 26, 2010

About Me

Part of Pam Carriker's Portrait Class is to create a collage that is all about you. To learn which colors and images you are drawn to. This is to help you come up with your own style. Well, this is right up my alley. I am longing to create my own style, I just don't know what it is yet so I was super psyched to do this exercise.

I didn't have a lot of collage materials or any collage images so I turned to magazines to find things that I like. I really wanted to put a peony on the page because it is one of my favorite flowers but I couldn't find one. I found a delicious purple cone flower that I LOVED though. That ended up representing beauty to me.

I found a picture of the earth which represents my love of travel and culture. The hand just spoke to me. I didn't really know why but later when I was writing, the words connection and love just magically appeared on the page. So cool.

I love eyes! I've always loved eyes. It is the one part of my body that no matter how much I weigh or how sick I feel always looks good. I've had lots of compliments on my eyes and I still remember the first time my husband looked into my eyes. He seemed to get a bit lost in there and then shook his head and said, "Wow, you have really pretty eyes." Sent my heart a little pitter patter. Of course the eyes are the window to the soul so that is what they represented here.

I am drawn to warm colors, red, orange, gold, and a touch of pink and that love emerged in the color palette for this piece. I love swirls and spirals and dots and doodles so I had to add those in. What great fun this was and I feel like I am a bit closer to uncovering my style.

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