Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In Love With Soul Art®

I have been having so much fun doing Soul Art®! It's funny because it isn't really about the more about the process of tuning into my inner voice and listening to what it has to say. It's amazing to me the things that emerge when I just let go.

The latest piece I did is a perfect example of this. My intention for this piece was, "I am productive. I get things done."

Of course my mind has all these thoughts and ideas floating around about what I will create and what the message will be...silly mind!

This particular technique is especially good for throwing your mind a curve ball (notice the baseball can tell what I've been doing this summer). You cut out images from a magazine and FLIP them over to see what is on the other side. Soooooo interesting!

I was in a bit of a shock with what was on the other side of my images but I just kept reminding myself to let go. I was playing around with them and all of the sudden I saw a face come together and from there I let go and had some fun.

Now, this is not art I would usually do. It's a bit strange and almost creepy but it doesn't make me feel creepy if that makes any sense :o). Ha, I doubt it does. Trying to articulate messages from the soul can be tricky.

Funny enough, the message I got from this piece of art is that I need to have fun with my kids. Spend more time with them in nature...not just be there with them but to really have fun...childlike fun.

I was expecting to need to make a list, some kind of organization, or technique for helping me be more productive but instead I got that I need to have more fun in my life, enjoy my kids, feel the love, be in the moment and tap into that energy because it will carry me through getting things done when the time is right. Love it!

So the really cool part of this is that when I finished I came downstairs and scheduled my nature dates with my kids and then I got onto Facebook to post a quote. I opened The Modern Day Muses up and the quote my eyes went to was, "All creative people are kids at heart." by Steve Carmichael. I typed it out and thought, "Oh, isn't that nice." and shut the book.

After I shut it my mind's eye reminded me of what I just saw. It was like, "Hello, Michelle. Go back into that book and read what is on the next page...there is a message for you there...are you paying attention?"

So I opened it back up and on the next page I read the title, The Freedom of Childlike Activities. Wait a minute, what is this chapter about? I flipped back a couple of pages and realized that this chapter is all about Bea Silly, the muse of play, laughter and dance (you might have noticed that I haven't read the whole book yet). Whoa! How cool is that?! The first page of the chapter says, "If the process is joyful, the result will be pleasing." It's rocking my world!

The perfect message at the perfect time. So, I will read it, I will hit the arboretum with the kids, as well as some forest preserves and Starved Rock. We will explore, play, and have fun and things will get done when the time is right and they will be awesome because they will be fueled by the energy of joyfulness, love, playfulness, and just plain fun!

I love this Soul Art®!!!


  1. After seeing this post I looked up Soul Art and was very impressed by the whole concept/programs/classes she offers. I spent most of my night last night reading and watching. Thanks for the tidbit!
    Are you getting soul art certified?

  2. Yes I am getting certified. I've loved everything about it so far. I'm almost finished. I know what you are talking about. I did the same thing when I first found the website. I read the whole thing.

    Thanks for commenting!

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  3. i am really thinking about doing this at some point. I am already an elementary art teacher but I think that it would add to that element of teaching. I have wanted to get involved with adults though...and I think that this might be the direction that I have been seeking.

    If you have time would you mind chit-chatting with me about your experience? I'm wondering about the time element involved.

    I read that you have children (a bunch from what I remember) I have two and teach almost full I wonder if it is something that is doable...if I sign up on the early end (this summer) it might be more manageable I bet.

    Whenever you get time to talk that would be can email me directly at if that makes it better/easier/more private for you.

    Thanks for your time!

  4. Michelle, it makes my heart so happy and full to see how much you are enjoying the magic of letting go and creating. This piece isn't creepy to me, it has a certain whimsy about it. I really enjoyed reading this post.

  5. Thanks Jennifer! You're so sweet. Glad you weren't creeped out by it. Hee hee :o)