Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Staying in the Present

Today is my son Cody's last day of high school. He is graduating on Saturday. I can't believe the day is here. You know you're old when you start saying things like this. Oh well, older and wiser I like to think.

Last week I had a bit of a meltdown. I started sending my daily gratitude list to my friend Carrie and before I knew it I was crying and then sobbing. I was longing for the days when he was his cute little self all chubby and loving. Running after me looking for me to pick him up and hug and kiss him. These days I am running after him trying to get him to LET me hug and kiss him.

Of course I know that this is all in perfect order. He is doing what he is supposed to be doing. He is turning into a man. I am happy about that and I am excited to see what life has in store for him. He is quite a charmer and as I like to tell him he has a horse shoe planted up his ass so I am sure it will be interesting.

For all of you moms who still have little kids at home, go now and cuddle with your babies. Shower them with hugs and kisses and tickle their little necks. Smell their sweet scent and see their eyes light up when they see you. Enjoy every moment you can, even the tough ones because I promise you, there will come a day when you will be wondering where the time went, how it went so fast and where your sweet little baby went. Such is the nature of life.

For those of you moms who are like me, watching your beloved child grow up and move on, I send you my love. I wish for you to be in the moment and enjoying each second just as it is, not for what it once was. I wish for you the strength and the courage to set them free and for the ability to keep them close to your heart at the same time. I wish for you a fresh beginning right where you are right now filled with loving memories from the past and the possibility to create new ones.

If my desire to say in the present moment wasn't strong enough, Cody just came in and told me he was voted all conference on his baseball team! Now that's a great memory being made right now. I'm so proud of him.

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  1. Good looking kid Michelle!

    I wish I could offer you some sage advice here, but I'm still all jelly inside after Sam's graduation last Friday.
    I'm still crying at silly little memories of him as a little guy, or when I think of him already out on his own, working...all grown up...all of a sudden. I wasn't prepared :(

    All I can tell you is that it must get easier--- after a week has passed, I'm not a complete soppy mess. The tears are fewer and farther between.
    And that I'm sending you SO MUCH LOVE today...feel my arms around you?