Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Embracing My Feminine Side

I'm not much of a girly girl. I never wear dresses, I don't wear much makeup and never wear perfume. I'm not surrounded by floral prints, anything pink, or frilly lace.

As I created my Body Map I began to notice that a lot of the images I was choosing were feminine. Women in glamorous dresses and flowing dresses, tons of flowers, jewelry, crowns, and swirls. The shape of my piece is even curvaceous and flowing giving it a feminine feel.

I realized that I am a bit off balance with my masculine and feminine energy.

One of my spirit actions was to buy myself some flowers for the house. You would think that would be easy but it was far from it. It seemed like such a frivolous purchase, almost a waste of money. Who needs flowers?

Apparently I do, well my soul does. So I went out and got myself some pretty flowers. I didn't even buy the cheap bouquet. I bought the ones that made me the happiest. I put them in a vase on my kitchen table and every time I walk by I smile at them and I breathe in their fragrance and I embrace my feminine side.

What kinds of things do you do to embrace your femininity? Help a tomboy out.


  1. michelle, me too! :o) i started wearing toe nail polish (not finger nails because that was too much maintenance :o) in fun colors, like blue

  2. Sorry, in the same boat! Glad you took care of yourself and brought the feminine in, maybe that's why I love romantic gardens with lots of pink in them. Now you have given me alot to think about. xox Corrine

  3. WOW, I have the opposite problem. I need more disiplined male energy.
    My first suggestion for you would be to reconnect with Gaia. Get out in a garden or in nature and kick off your shoes. Be a barefoot goddess. Letting her energy flow up and through your lower chakras is a great way to balance your feminine energies.