Friday, May 20, 2011

Healing Mosaic Mandalas

soul art mosaic body map
I am still exploring and learning from my Mosaic Soul Art. It is such a difficult thing to put into words. I can tell you that the intention for this piece had to do with my physical body and allowing it to heal and be at its optimum health.

As I stood back and looked at it I had this feeling that the amorphous shapes were not healthy. They felt to me like little monsters floating around. It's funny because even trying to write it I can't quite articulate it and "monsters floating around" doesn't really express the feeling I got but it is simple and will suffice.

Anyway, there were these small mandalas that were peppered around the piece and I felt like these were my little soldiers going off to battle. They were the good guys!

I had this overwhelming urge to make more of them. I have a TON of 6x6 squares of MDF that I cut for another project and never used. I knew they would be perfect.

I grabbed one and wrote this:

I take back my power! My body is under my control and I choose health!

Then I spread some thin-set over the affirmation and began creating.

I put one of my river stones that I decorated in the center. From there I used some red and orange smalti (Italian glass) and some thinner tiles that I put on their sides for texture. I added some millifiore, some red mirror and some 24k gold tiles. Viola, my first healing mosaic mandala.

I love it! It felt so good to make and I could feel the power in it. I couldn't stop there. I kept making them and making them, each with their own positive affirmation.

I only wish photography did mosaics justice. You can't appreciate the beauty of the materials. The red mirror shows up flat in the photo but in person it reflects the light so beautifully as does the scrumptious gold tiles. Can you tell I love it?!

I will show you more of them next week. I love them all so much so I want to share them with you. Have a great weekend!


  1. such beautiful healing art! on so many levels it sounds. can't wait to see the others!

  2. Thanks so much Tracy. I can't wait to share them! :o)

  3. I just found you, and I think you're incredible. I too am passionate about both natural health and creativity. I believe those things are intricately connected and I blog about both of them. It's so refreshing to see someone who feels the same way I do! I don't feel like such a fruit now! I can't wait to read the rest of your posts.