Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January Painting Journey

My favorite kind of painting is Intuitive Painting. I love to start with no idea where I am going or what I am doing. Just playing around with colors and and seeing what emerges. 

It's especially fun when you add some of your own custom made stamps. 

It always amazes me how something can start out one way and take such a dramatic shift. 

When I am painting I am tapped into my emotions and if something starts to feel a bit constrictive I want to stay very present to that feeling and let it amplify and move through me.

Zooming in you can see a lot of scratching and etching into the paint at this layer. This was in reaction to the strong emotions I had. I spent a lot of time at this layer allowing it all to come through and out.

And then there was something more. I saw a face and I knew it needed to come through. Gently, slowly I brought her forward 

At each step I asked what it was she needed and I kept listening and adding 

In the end it was begging for light and play. Fun little flowers, dashes of color and a whole lot of light heartedness. 

When I work in this way I never know what I am going to get but I always get what I need. 

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