Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Exploring Oil Pastels

Oil pastels have not been my favorite medium in the past. I typically don't like the way they feel on my hands and I don't like the way they smear onto everything they touch so I was not 100% convinced that I was going to enjoy this intuitive art process with them but I decided to go for it anyway. 

I taped a big piece of paper onto the wall and turned on some primal drumming music. I couldn't help but begin scribbling with passion. Whatever color tickled my fancy was used until the urge to get a new color arose. The energy was flowing and I didn't want to stop.

Watching colors combine and take on new shades really got me excited. My hands were covered in oil pastels and I didn't care. I added white and it was as if angels were singing! Perfection!

Initially a tree found it's way onto the page and then it burst into flames. 
What was I creating? What did it all mean? 

I didn't have time to care. I had to keep going. 

When I finished I was charged. I felt like the energy of this piece was surging through me. I was alive and unstoppable. 

Intuitive art that focuses on the process is powerful stuff my friends. It has the power to transform you, uplift you, and heal you. 

It makes you whole!

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