Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Art Has Energy

Every time I create something I set an intention for that piece. To me, art is meant to inspire something deep inside, to shift something and heal something. So when I set an intention it is to help me uncover something about myself or the world around me.

I want to feel something!

I want to change something!

I want to learn something!

Having an intention is like having an end game in mind. It's like picking your next vacation spot. Once you set your intention you just sit back and play, knowing that the journey will get you to your destination.  

I create art for myself. I focus on the process and I don't worry about whether someone likes it or doesn't. I am always so grateful when someone gets meaning out of something for themselves and I know that we are all so unique that everyone will see something completely different but that isn't what drives my creative process.  

This is what I teach when I am working with others. 

The amazing thing is when you allow yourself to jump into the creative pool in this way you are stepping into a powerful energetic flow. You allow the energy to express itself through you onto the page. 

Each piece has a "feel" to it. When you look at it you have a recognition of the energy that was accessed to create that piece. 

Even when it's "only a collage" or when it isn't "beautiful art" it has power. It allows you to move your energy, clear out blocks, and gain a deeper perspective about your inner world. 

Art is your own form of energy healing and it is so fun!

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