Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Body Map

Here is my completed Body Map. It is over 8 feet tall and is hanging on the wall in my family room. I am completely in love with it, from the process to the completed piece. It has been an amazing experience!

I cut and cut and cut some more. I cut out images that spoke to me as well as tiles of color. When I thought I cut enough, I cut some more.

Before beginning to create anything I spent time working through some worksheets and writing. I ended up with a beautiful story that combined my intention with memories, experiences, feelings, and visions and I began there.

It started around my face which I imagined bathed in warm sunshine and connected to source. Because I had outlined not just my head but my hair as well, it ended up looking like a large sun.

From there I moved down to the area of my root chakra which just happened to be the same color as my favorite color. I placed down the flowers and the corset and began to work up creating this shape with spirals flowing out.

I had no idea what was emerging. I just went with the flow.

I moved up and the colors of the chakras began to appear. Orange, yellow, green and blue. Corresponding images and words found their way into the piece.

I created two beautiful bouquets of flowers which surprised me because I am not normally a flowery type of girl. But the beauty of those flowers were irresistible.

Once the top portion was complete I moved down and created a trunk filled with images of strength, spirituality, culture and self care.

I continued down and created roots stretching out and filled with wise people and symbols of culture that gave me the feeling of support and being fed by ancestors.

When I thought I was finished I knew I wasn't and I added the rich and vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds behind the roots.

I stepped back and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was complete.

When I hung it up and really spent time looking at it I was amazed at the insight that was woven throughout the piece. I marveled at the messages it gave me and how very specific it was in regard to my intention. It was as if everything has happened just perfectly.

I am not quite half way through this course and already I am in love. I can't imagine what more there is to come!


  1. oh this is so yummy delicious michelle!
    i'm taking this course vicariously through you ~ thank you for sharing your beautiful process!!

  2. Wow, Michelle, this is totally cool, what a way to free up your energy and bring your creative powers to full throttle. Love this idea. I am off for some more Wild Hearts training next week. New studio in the works....xox Corrine

  3. Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for sharing this, with all the details of the process, etc. I find it just fascinating! This is such a fun site to visit. Glad you're having fun... it shows!