Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday Eating Gone Wrong!

Raise your hand if you ate more than you wanted to over the holiday season.

How about sweets? Did you eat a few too many?

Alcohol anyone?

I totally know how you feel. I seemed to eat my way through the last two weeks and I'm feeling it. I'm almost sick to death of food. I don't want to see another cookie or brownie or dip.

The thing is I feel like that now, but I know that sometime around 3:00 my cravings are going to begin. By the evening I will probably be pacing around the kitchen looking...wanting...longing...for something sweet.

Ah but the good thing is I know how to deal with it now in a better way. You see a couple of years ago I was a total sugar addict! I ate sugar everyday to excess. My health suffered and I had to make changes. I learned so much while attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and experimenting with my diet and learning to listen to my body.

So even though I spent a couple of weeks splurging I am listening to what my body has to say and I am going to give it what it wants even if that means riding out some physical cravings. I know it will only last a few days and when it's done I will feel so much more centered and balanced. Oh I can't wait.

So how did you fare over the holidays with your eating?

Is your body asking you for anything?

If there is just one small thing you could do today for your body what would it be?

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