Thursday, December 23, 2010

December Views 23

Santa Comes to our house 1 day early this year. You see with all the children in the world, Santa needs an extra day to deliver all the presents and this year we get to go first. It doesn't hurt that my older children are at their dad's on Christmas Day this year. wink wink.
We had to make sure we got busy making cookies for him. We made our own dough and the kids rolled them out and cut them out themselves. We even made our own frosting.

The kids had a great time. Even the 13 year old had fun. He had to get creative and cut out his own shape cookie. I love that!
They were a little heavy handed. Poor Santa. I hope he doesn't get a belly ache. :o)

Here they are all set out and ready for Santa to drop by. It looks like they picked the perfect cookies. Santa won't get a tummy ache after all! Phew!

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