Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday

In my previous blog I used to do a Thankful Thursday post each week and I've decided that today I am going to bring it to life right here.

I am thankful that today is my birthday. I have been overwhelmed with emails and calls from all my friends and family. I went to breakfast with my youngest three and I'm going to the movies later. I also managed to drag my kiddies shopping and since it was my birthday they weren't allowed to complain! Hee hee, I'm very tricky like that.

I have to admit that I've always loved my birthday. When I was young I was able to go to Dispensa's Kiddie Kingdom to pick out whatever I wanted! It was so exciting. I also got to go on the rides at the carnival. It was all very exciting.  I'm thankful for those memories.

I am thankful that my family got to get away for an 18 day trip this summer. We were able to go down to see my oldest son who is stationed near Destin Florida. It was the first time we saw him since he graduated bootcamp. We spent a weekend with him. I loved it all except maybe seeing his new tattoos!

After that we headed down to my dad's place where we took beach bumming to a new level. Pure relaxing! Just what we needed.

We were lucky enough to have another family we are close with travel down with us and the kids had a ball together. I'm thankful they are making such wonderful childhood memories.

I am thankful that I was able to get a little journaling done while on the vacation. There is something so wonderful about painting by the pool. I love it!

I am so thankful for my AMAZING chiropractor, Dr. Mnabhi who was able to work his magic on the most horrible case of whiplash I got riding one of the sketchy rides at Six Flags in Atlanta. I hit a curve on the roller coaster and my head skipped off the head rest and was flapping behind me as I barreled upside down. Picture a goofy cartoon with a long neck sailing a foot behind the body. That's what it felt like.

Thank goodness or "Thanks God" as he said (he's from Morroco) he has spent 4 years studying traditional osteopathy in Canada because otherwise the only thing he would have been able to offer me was muscle relaxers and a neck brace for a month before he could even help me! Luckily however he was able to get me almost back to new in only 4 sessions! Woo Hoo! I am over the moon about this!

I'm thankful that my boys are all going on a camping trip and I am going to be staying home. I have a ton of stuff to catch up on before school starts next week and they will have a ball on their guy's weekend.

I'm thankful that I have such a wonderful family and a fulfilling life. I am thankful that I am in a place these days where I am able to recognize it and to not miss out on the little things. I am thankful that even when things are a little crazy or aren't going "perfect" I'm still happy. Wow! When did that happen?!

I am thankful for my life!!!


  1. I am thankful I read your blog and I like the term thankful Thursday.

  2. Have a wonderful birthday Michelle! I love your blog and there has been so much in the last 6 months or so that I can relate to!! I just never seem to have time to comment the way I would like to!! But I'm here reading and hopefully, things will slow down a little SOON!!!